The World of Magic

In associate degree ancient world, 2 forces conflict: the Siras Empire, semiconductor diode by young and bold Emperor Kanos, and also the Kingdom of Lanos, dominated by King Roberto. be part of an aspect and explore complete quests, and fight your thanks to the top!

Pick and value more highly to be whoever you want: a brave ranger, capricious magician or a dreadful warrior! And that’s not all: Own your pet to help you in your quests!

More than 1,000,000 players area unit already online! be part of friends from around the world, produce your order and lead your team to success within the World of Magic!



Classic MMORPG-style play that ne'er ends!

CLASS choice

Choose from three distinctive classes: somebody, Ranger, Magician


Chat together with your friends, create guilds, and play as a team!


Fight against players from totally different realms in real-time!

This game is unengaged to play, however, you'll be able to value more highly to pay real cash for additional things.

Access permission notice for gameplay


The permission is needed to store game knowledge and can not access personal files like photos.
The permission is needed to proceed with in-game events and rewards and can not affect calls.
The permission is needed to correct your friend list and Google Account.

you will be able to fancy the service except options associated with the on top of authorities even though you do not allow the on top of.

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