The Greedy Cave 2: Time Gate


The dedicated Roguelike RPG game comes back, and affirmative now, you'll group with your friends to continue exploring the adventure!

The story of the Greedy Cave a pair of happened once its precursor, and therefore the look of the Time Gate has connected people's destinies along all over again. during this game, you'll play the role of Associate in Nursing adventurer and enter the mysterious dungeon to challenge different monsters and procure powerful instrumentation. Invite your friends, type a team to put together explore, solve the mystery of the Time Gate, and share the valuable treasures!

Game Features:
- The eerie, stygian and odd Cthulhu art vogue brings the varied and immersive game expertise.
- Entirely every which way generated dungeons and therefore the loots! New visits each time!
- Well-designed BOSS with numerous skills area unit watching for your challenge!
- {different|totally different|completely different} weapons activate different talent trees, your battle strategy is on your own!
- 300+ gears to gather cause you to the best dungeon crawler!
- Team-up with different players to explore in period, recruit and build your guild!


Search through the historical records of all the national libraries of the Sothoth Continent if you'll, however, there is solely a few of documents with records of the catastrophe way back, that the historians named the primary "Gold Rush".

The story began in an exceedingly cave jam-packed with magic, and therefore the accidental discovery of the treasure hidden at intervals it. Adventurers came in flocks with their various goals. This new adventuring fever directly caused some kingdoms to prosper, whereas others withered and died, resulting in the modification within the government landscape of the globe.

However, it was too late once folks discovered the reality. once the conspiracy was disclosed, the military of demons has already descended upon the realm, the gods were furious; each heaven and earth lost its colors. War chop-chop spreads to all or any corners of the land, nobody was spared.

Humans were as helpless as dirt blown against the flames of war. Homes were ravaged; civilizations destroyed, the globe took on Associate in Nursing unprecedentedly significant toll, as solely a couple of survivors eventually remained. This catastrophe lasted for several years till folks nearly forgot the name of this continent—Milton.

This story simply reminds folks of what happened recently. Thousands of years later, in Bastian, magic attend kingdom embraced by mountains, its sorcerers claimed that they need to open the door to a different world through their analysis.

A place wherever time-interlaced with house, wherever you'll see not solely pictures of the previous world, however conjointly several eccentric creatures that folks haven't detected of before. However, as they need aforementioned before, "the thanks to management this power has not been found nevertheless, therefore you are doing not understand wherever you'll find yourself."

Such minor problems couldn't probably stop people's curiosity. As if yesterday all over again, the adventurers of various kingdoms gathered once more these days, and therefore the second "Gold Rush" inevitably started...

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