Minimalist-APUS Launcher theme

Free, beautiful, trendy for, this theme is specially designed for APUS Launcher. This theme includes a unified HD icon pack, lovely wallpaper and helps build your phone customized and trendy.


1. This theme is free however solely compatible with APUS Launcher. To apply, please confirm you have got put in APUS Launcher on your phone.
2. opt for associated install an APUS Launcher theme.
3. Apply the theme within the APUS theme page.

concerning APUS Launcher

APUS Launcher could be a tiny, fast, trendy launcher app for golem. This free launcher provides over ten,000 wallpapers, themes, and HD icons for users to personalize golem phones and build phone trendy. Easy, simple, APUS Launcher offers users access to period data, news, and different discourse service. Even higher, the APUS Boost can build your phone quicker.

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