Management : Lord of Dungeons

Behold! finally, the hidden new secrets square measure revealed!
Discover New Companions, New Contents!
New Dimension rift with Stronger Powerful challenges!
Are you able to take a brand new journey? Check it out now!


Player manages 'Battle, Exploration, Station, Monster' systems and fosters quite four hundred companions with thirty styles of the task like Archer, defend Knight, Mage, Adventurer, Healer, Blacksmith, Toolmaker, Treasurer, bureaucrat, ice mass somebody, Mountain somebody.
It will fulfill the intellectual need of a player WHO likes ‘thinking and strategy' by accomplishing missions like 'Battle, Exploration, Station, Monster' with aggregation quite ten companions.

varied missions and Free Resources.

'Dimension Cubes' - 5 wild boss monsters wait for you! the large and outrageous 'Field Boss + Alliance World Boss' bit your vanity and check the temperament of the members of the Alliance! check your party's skills through the eighteen floors’ hell and therefore the twelve gates within the "Crack of the Dimension!"

one hundred exploration areas, quite one hundred seventy dungeons! twenty-four hours aren't enough to play!!

'Lord of Dungeons' may be a new idea 24-hour dungeon management simulation game that permits you to manage over one hundred exploration areas and quite one hundred seventy dungeons. Explore the new space, fight with players over the planet, complete for the foremost powerful lord’s throne. A player will greet or capture the monsters for increasing combat power once a player meets a monster.

A game to find out concerning city management, profit analysis, personnel, and economy!

Build and develop varied facilities like 'bank, tavern, restaurant, hospital, market, bathhouse, university, parks, outlet, and library in the city. Trade on the auction, collect monumental wealth, recruit companions and expand your dungeon with gold and resources of the facilities.

varied fostering contents, Let's become emperor of all!

A player will increase the number of associate degreed profit of the ability by increasing the city and might save time and resources by establishing an "Association" once all conditions square measure met.
Become associate degree 'Emperor' WHO can't be unmarked by anyone, as rising your analysis, construction, education, management, and trade skills with the 'Industry' system whereas raising your ‘Title’.

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