Launcher Live Icons for Android

distinctive animation of common applications icons
Animated shows together with your apps icons regular to public holidays and special events
Set icon animation perpetually or for app events!

The only launcher app that may build the app icons on your phone ALIVE!
 Set any of the animation modes: event inside the app, perpetually animated icon or not animated icon.

App and game icons on your home screen and within the app drawer area unit currently actually alive!!!

 this is often an awfully helpful feature so and a true fan provided solely by amino Launcher. you'll be able to currently simply realize bound applications on the house screen, read events with no got to use serious widgets that eat up the screen and space for storing and consume battery.
And that's to not mention the fact that each one the house screens of your smartphone aren't a bunch of boring static icons any longer, however, an excellent field of honor for your favorite apps' rebellious live icons.

osmino Launcher may be an easy and handy launcher with no reserve options. It's fast, it's all essential launcher tools and it is easy to create friends with.

Launcher Live icons conjointly give associate degree exclusive assortment of wallpapers, before long are conjointly served the amount of various themes for the house screen, live wallpapers also.

Quick access high panel makes it simple to urge to the wallpapers and themes choice, animation settings, favorite apps, and contacts, widgets, mirror, and electric lamp, google launcher search box.

This is a beta launcher version and your feedback and suggestions area unit welcome! be at liberty to send USA your favorite app list to create their icons live and themes you would like to possess too!

Launcher app collects data concerning the applications put in on the device for correct operative practicality, in addition to the constant up and developing: customization and adjustment of the house screen, grouping apps in folders, animation of oft used applications.

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