Guardian Knights

Only the strongest guardians dominate the battlefield!
- expertise in the classic RPG of the road maneuver system!

Character nurturing system

- Upgrade your characters with evolution, merge, learning new skills, sweetening and character synergic effects.

Cinematic situation

- expertise the tremendous scales of a phantasy world with the medium situation.

Battle Arena

Your elite champions would like your wise command. Your strategic controls square measure extremely needed to win the battles of stage

Guild system

- once you are part of the gild, a brand new section of the sport starts. Guild wars, gild titles, gild analysis can offer you uncounted rewards and new amusement.

User Permissions

User permissions needed for sport use.

Access authority is needed to avoid wasting and cargo game knowledge.

"STEP 1. once the sport is launched for the primary time, enable permission for
[Access to Device Photos, Media, and Files] within the pop-up message window."

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