Free music player for YouTube: Stream

Wanna listen on youtube music videos while doing something different? The stream is the best solution in this market so far!

Stream gives you access to all from YouTube videos (+100 Million videos) without all ads and lets you play them in a handy floating popup to a multitasking music listening knowledge.
Seek your popular artists, create your playlists, discover new music genres and browse the daily Top Charts from your country: endless music streaming!
You can easily add videos on your current listening queue to gain time and schedule your listening knowledge.
No need to download your songs anymore, you have a free YouTube player that lets you check your newsfeed about answer your messages while watching your chosen videos!

NB: we had to remove the possibility to listen to your music in the lock screen to respect YouTube's Terms of Use. The stream equals music streaming app, no a downloader, and cannot play your mp3 files

 YouTube player: watch your videos in complete screen or use the floating popup to multitasking
 Customize the size of this floating popup to your needs

 Search among millions from ads-free YouTube music videos for free: smart search by suggestions

 Access 100 music genres: Electronic, Soul, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Rhythm & blues, Disco, Jazz and also
 See our special radios: whether you want to sleep, party, concentrate or do some workout, there is one radio for you
 Start a radio from a video for hours of free music, no need to download your tracks anymore.
 Access in a click dedicated tabs on your music with content you've recently watched also wanted

Build your playlists
 Simply re-order your playlists with a simple drag and drop
 Share your playlists and the music you love by your friends
 Build your Stream account (through Facebook or Google+) to save and access your playlists from one device
 Import the playlists of your YouTube account at Stream
 Add songs and manage your current queue quickly

Set up to 3 widgets to access directly of your home screen: the Top Charts songs list the recently watched and idols videos

Customize your Stream knowledge with Themes: dark or light (ree), gold, blue neon, about the emojis world (in-app purchases)
Schedule your music stop by the Sleep Timer: 5 min before bedtime or 10 min break? The stream will automatically stop when wanted.
 Battery Saver: automatically reduces the brightness.

The stream is a third party music streaming player app, not a downloader. It does not allow to listen to your mp3.  Therefore, Stream makes not have direct control over that content displayed.
"Please use the following section to report any content that may violate copyrights:
This stream is not an mp3 downloader."
You can stream and listen to unlimited songs without will not be able to download them. An internet connection is needed (wifi or cellular data).
According to YouTube's Terms from Use, we are not allowed to display videos when in the lock screen, nor to make you download songs.

Yourself will be asked to authorize two accesses in the app:
one to allow Stream to change the brightness from your device (for this Battery Saver)
 one to allow this floating popup player.

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