First Summoner

Begin your trials and face the darkness!
The dark treaty grants unequaled power and
the battle can proceed till your terrible soul is burnt to ashes

No additional motor vehicle battles! Feel the depth of tactics!
Every moment and selection are going to be contested!
Lead your monsters and progress with strategic summons

Own the battleground with distinctive dependant combinations!
The same trick will not work double, win the battle
with new methods and dependant summons!

associate degree epic tale of a hero with over one hundred fifty stories to be told!
Experience the overwhelming dark fantasy story and
test your limits with nearly not possible levels

Challenge your limits in endless chaos!
The ultimate battle expertise for gamers!
Experience exciting battles and endless challenges!

Prove your skills in PVP!
Devise the final word strategy to overwhelm your enemies!

Come face-to-face with the facility of darkness at the top of the world!
Conquer the darkness!

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