Dungeon Princess!

‘Dungeon Princess’ is that the most well-liked online virtual game around the world.
The first party United Nations agency clears the ultimate stage of the Dungeon are rewarded with fantastic prizes and a feminine player during this party shall henceforward be named ‘Princess’ United Nations agency can get extravagant privileges.
‘ISM’, a play genius starts off his journey into Dungeon aristocrat to form his sister ‘NADIE’ into an aristocrat.


– A game with Associate in Nursing ending that you just will complete
– 100% user interactive game while not autoplay mode
– eleven characters with distinctive skills and talents
– enticing character voices & illustration
– cheerful plot and character relationships
– over 430 Set things to gather with distinctive attributes
– Battle it out and face over eighteen differing kinds of Boss monsters

Content often updated. I foresee to new stages, features, and storyline!

Unique battle system
Unlike routine battle games compete successively, you'll opt for numerous abilities in period throughout battles as long as stamina permits whereas every skill desires a unique level of stamina. the hassle to seek out out the simplest combination of skills and character lineup also as temporal order for attack is that the key to relish this game.
Excitement from making battle strategy and additionally from managing the management on attack temporal order by your fingertips! Be the winner of this game with set things buffs & attack skills whereas reacting to enemy attack charge ups, and disrupting their spells with stuns.
Furthermore, utilize the character swap to operate middle battle to exchange hurt characters for an additional boost towards success!
Clear the ultimate stage to receive rewards and crown your sister NADIE a princess!


Dungeon & aristocrat is Associate in Nursing Offline Game. Server-based knowledge saving isn't provided by this game. All user knowledge is saved solely on the device of the user. so knowledge can't be renovated once the app is deleted. Please utilize the save on Cloud operate among the sport.

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