A Sensational and straightforward RPG! IDLE Battles!

IDLE, Rebirth & Battle of Endless Dungeons!
Enjoy the sport with over one Million Players around the world!

IDLE your far the stage and become STRONG!
Our Heroes can still be fighting even after you area unit out of batteries!

straightforward however There positive area unit Roles!

Beast - do not be scared! I will be able to contend with those massive monsters!
Eagle defensive structure - Leave the aerial attacks to me!
Mad Bunny - A cute wizard WHO blows up a bunch of difficult archers with AoE skills!
Penguin - would like gold? I will create plenty of it!

Cast Berserk skills by sound on the heroes!
You can overcome the battle by selecting once to Berserk your heroes!

Various Weapons and Weapons assortment
From traditional to artifact Weapons! Collect numerous weapons and Level them up!
For every different weapon, numerous effects and skins area units applied!
"There shall be no weapons neglected!
The additional you collect, the additional you increase your assortment Effect!"

Returns and Level Ups! New Skills!

Not solely endless Rebirth! come and Level up your Ranks to be told new Skills!
For each hero, you'll learn two Active Skills and twenty Passive Skills!

Don't want to waste my time with Sleeping! Infinite Idle Battles!

"IDLE your far the stage whereas you're away!
Your heroes can continue battling through stages even when you exit the game!"
Log within the very first thing within the morning to use your Gold and upgrade your Items!

Play this Idle RPG now!!

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