WiNiT- Play and Win is that the final physical object quiz app developed here in Asian country, targeted towards all the those that prefer to learn and win rewards. If you’re a data seeker and physical object games square measure your factor, then WiNiT is that the game for you. With over 15000+ multiple selection queries starting from topics like English descriptive linguistics, countries, people, cultures, sports, etc. it aims to bring the facility of the latest data to its users through a fun and difficult app setting. it's an entrance to organize its players for any general knowledge-based question that they could face in the real world whereas giving them rewards for his or her correct answers and accuracy of responsive. The interactive nature of the sport is what's going to keep you returning for a lot of and arise the competitive aspect in you.

• 15000+ queries from a spread of classes
• Multiple gambling choices
• Clear showcasing of leaderboard
• extremely enticing live quiz sessions by celebrity
• Daily further as weekly games and rewards
• High-scores to tackle to induce the prize money!


Daily challenge- Players get to play for complimentary throughout the day to get the required bar that's set within the game, allowing them to succeed in the reward prize.
Rapid-fire- For any low payment for the complete day, players get to challenge themselves in three-minute settings, wherever they tackle as several queries as potential to succeed in the bar set within the game for obtaining the reward prize.

Weekly: Daily Challenge- associate degree accumulation of the week’s game purposes provides the players the weekly point for daily challenge, and therefore the ones WHO cross the bar, get their rewards in real life!
Rapid-fire- The weekly winners for rapid-fire are chosen supported the entire winnings throughout the week, and people WHO cross the bar set within the game, get the rewards!

Live: Hosted by a celeb face, within the live game players get to answer ten queries on the spot at a selected time, set beforehand by the app team and therefore the players WHO will answer properly until the tenth question, square measure the winners of the reward prize. Players get lifelines through the sport to fall back on if they fail at some purpose further.
All-purpose house owners on top of the bar set within the game square measure eligible for the award.
This is the quantity one go-to physical object quiz game if you have got associate degree glimmering for data and like being rewarded for it.

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