Pata-Jobs, Loans, Buy&Sell locally

PATA was originally built in 2018 as RinoOne to be Africa’s various famous One-Stop Service Platform Online. It was originated when our authors published a rapid digital increase in most urban towns of Kenya and aim to increase that growth the whole of Kenya first and Africa as well. Also though we are developing technologically, the largest of the help and knowledge gained are done in a really easy way, that is, word of mouth information. The founders noticed a necessity for a more effective, simple and quick way to find things, and so PATA was designed for you to find everything you want nearby varying from white or blue-collar work or services, used and new goods of all sorts, apartment and commercial section and also used and new cars. Using the PATA services you are presented with clear set prices as well as the capability to compare various prices or legitimacies of various goods or services rendered, thus bringing a whole new level of clarity to the online market as opposed to other websites. You are more able to see and obtain a user's profile, credentials, and rating before you join them to give you a service, buy an item, or hire them for work and vice versa.

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