My Chicken - Virtual Pet Game

This is your very little Chicken, your new virtual pet! Discover what it's preferred to have a bit pet Chicken, in My Chicken - Virtual Pet Game you get to adopt your terribly own very little cute Chicken pet to like and look after.

Just like a true pet your Chicken can react and behave otherwise reckoning on however you treat him, therefore take care and take a look at love and look after him a bit like a true pet!

So does one have what it takes to adopt, love, play, dress up, teach, clean and embellish your Chicken and his very little home?

We have worked loads on creating My Chicken - Virtual Pet Game the simplest and most fun pet game out there, with great care you'll be able to get pleasure from your very little Chicken for endless hours. we have a tendency to additionally superimposed loads of Multiplayer options, therefore, you'll be able to play and speak together with your friends all around the world!


Life-like emotions: Your Chicken can get happy, sleepy-eyed & unhappy reckoning on however you treat him.
Nurture: lookout of your Chicken by feeding, cleaning, play with and obtaining him to sleep once he's tired.
Customize: Dress and make a choice from over one.000.000 combos of dresses, shirts, hats, beards & glasses.
Build: Build the house of your dreams by selecting wallpapers, furniture, and decorations.
Garden: Grow your own flowers, zoophagous plants, and mushrooms within the lovely garden.
Stickers: notice and collect numerous virtual stickers of your Chicken doing silly things!
Music: produce music with virtual instruments like piano, drums & stringed instruments.
Pet evolution: mix little pets and watch them evolve from eggs to cute chicken creatures.
Mini-games: Play one in every of the thirty-two mini-games and earn money!
Paint: Draw stunning pictures with over eighteen totally different colors and share them together with your friends.
Building Blocks: expertise real physics within the building block space.
Aquarium: lookout of fishes and elegance your own marine museum.

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