Money Manager: Expense Tracker, Free Budgeting App

Money Manager helps you track your monetary activity with efficiency. Its easy style makes it light-weight, easy and really simple to use. It’s worn out one click as a result of you don’t ought to fill something except the quantity. you wish simply many SECONDS daily to avoid wasting the quantity and every disbursal purpose. in spite of wherever you're simply a handful of faucets can save your expense.

Key features:

Easy to Use, Clean and Intuitive Expense & financial gain hunter
• Intuitive and straightforward to use a computer program. No redundancy Add new records extraordinarily quick.

Tracking Expenses and Incomes
• simply record the dealings to trace wherever your cash comes and goes.

The Whole image in One Place
• Clear read of your monetary life. higher perceive wherever your cash comes and goes with envisioned reports concerning financial gain, expense by time and class.

Spending / financial gain chart
• See your disbursal distribution on the great and informative chart or get, read your transactions sorted by classes.

Budget and Bill Organizing
• Organizing bills by week, month and year further as by classes. Record all things during a single dealing with totally different classes and amounts.

• Set reminders to stay you to record transactions on a daily basis.

No Advertising, while not limitation options, Free
• cash Manager is used for free of charge, while not ads and no options restriction.


• English
• Chinese (Traditional)
• Japanese
• Korean
• Russian
• Spanish
• Portuguese
• Hindi
• Indonesian
• German
• French

Money management is often difficult and most of the time you get to surprise wherever did all of your cash goes, luckily, our easy personal finance app will assist you simply manage your cash and keep track of your expense. you'll continue prime of your cash anytime, anywhere

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