Just Jumble

Play America’s favorite daily puzzle in an exceedingly marvelous app!

* simply Jumble is straightforward to play and fun for all ages.
* Puzzles by master creators David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek.
* 1,668 puzzles and each single one may be a smile near to happen.
* simply share puzzles with friends if you get stumped.

Just Jumble has the marvelous puzzles you’ve forever dear in newspapers.

Super simple to play. many deliciously fun and funny puzzles!

Enjoy marvelous hints and insights from the Jumble puzzle creators David and Jeff. lovely high-resolution graphics brag the cartoons full-screen (so they give the impression of being nice on devices of all sizes).

People have enjoyed Jumble puzzles for over sixty-five years!

This is a puzzle game for the ages (and for all ages)! you will love it!

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