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Lucky Pather is an app modifier. You can unlock paid feature with Lucky Pather. You can buy any paid feature. You can also download the paid apps from google play store. With this app user can buy games coin, any modifies the app permission and many more.
Lucky Patcher is one of android tools for free in app purchase, removing ads, system modify move to SD card and many more. Users are able for any kind of in app purchase.

Removing inAPP Ads 
In App Purchase 
Paid Features unlocking 
System APP modifying 
Moving to SD Card 
Moving to system folder 
Backup and retrieving 
Removing InAPP ADS:
You can remove InAPP ads. You can remove any ads into any app or game. For stopping InAPP ads are intercepting when you are working this app is mostly famous. Sometime ads make users that much bore where users are losing interest for playing games or using apps, but on other hand Lucky Patcher will help you for removing ads.
InAPP Purchase:
If you want to purchase any features or coin or money from InApp Lucky Patcher is the best solutions for yourself. Any InAPP Purchase like buying paid feature, gold coin, gems and many more. This app will give you option to hack unlimited coin, money, gems, characters, weapons. No need to spend money.
Paid Feature Unlocking:
No need to buy paid apps or paid features into any apps. You can get paid feature with Lucky Patcher. You can purchase paid features and InAPP purchase feature with Lucky Patcher. If you follow some instruction what is mentioned on their website you will get the option for buy paid apps.
System App Modifier:
Lucky Patcher will give you opportunity to modify system app and system folder. If you want to use any apps as system app this app will give you that opportunity to create a copy of file for system app. You need to convert any non-system apps to system pre-install app Lucky Pather is the best option.
Moving to SD Card:
This app is capable to move any app from system folder to SD card. You can move your system app into SD card and SD card App into system folder.
Backup and Retrieving:
You can backup your important files and data and retrieve when you need. You can backup your apps with a few clicks and you will be able to do anything about backup and retrieve.
Requirement to install: 

Android version 2.3.3 or above 
Need 1 GB Ram 
1 GB internal storage 
Root or Unroot both platforms can run Lucky Patcher

Modifying on system setting 
Drawing over on other apps 
Modify and delete permission on SD card 
Modifying and delete permission on System rom
Download Lucky Patcher
Lucky Patcher app is not available in Google Play Store. You have to Download it from there official website (official website of Lucky Patcher Developer Team). This is 100% malware free.
Please Download from official website for keep safe your mobile malware free. If you using Lucky patcher from unofficial website please use it with your own risk, because fake app can be malware. But everyone prefer download from official website.
Rooted or NonRooted:
Same APK file for Rooted and nonRooted device too. That Means you can use rooted or nonrooted at the same time same APK file.
Color Code and meanings:
Green: Possible to patch
Yellow: All ready a patched file in system folder
Cyan: It has google ads
Magenta: This is bootlisted app
Purple: Google InApp Purchase contain the app
Red: This app will not to be patch
Orange: This is a system app
Clover: Lucky Patcher successfully patched
How to Download?
Before Downloading:
If you got any warning about Lucky Patcher, it means if Google Play Store or any antivirus detecting Lucky Patcher as a malware, don’t worry this app is 100% Malware free, it is 100% Safe. Please disable play protection on Google Play Store for avoiding this warning.
For Avoiding installation hazard, they build an installer app for Lucky Patcher. Just a single click this installer able to install the Lucky Patcher.
Download Link:
Wish you all the best for installing Lucky Patcher. If still you are facing any problem please See how to download and install Lucky Patcher successfully. If you want to download Lucky Patcher old versions click here.
How to install Lucky Patcher APP

Tap on Lucky Patcher Installer APK
After getting the dialog “Do you really want to install the Lucky Patcher v8.0.0?” Please click Yes Button.
This time the installer app will prepare all the necessary files and components for installing the Original Lucky Patcher App. 
If your device is allowing you to install APK from unknows sources it will go forword or you will get a warning like this 
If you getting this warning please go to setting > Security > Unknows Sources and enable it 
Now you will get the install button and tap on the install button. This installation will take few of some seconds. 
After installation you will get the successful confirmation and open the lucky pathcer 
By tab on ok button you can uninstall the Lucky Patcher Installer app.
 How to disable Play Protection:

Open Play Store and tap on “Play Protect” 
Turn of “Scan device For Security Threats’ 
You will get a warning for confirming, please press “OK” button. 
How to Use?
Use the original APK which one is signed by Developer
Removing License Verification:

Tab on the name of your application/ software and select “Remove License Verification” 
check your internet access and Select “Auto Mode” 
If this method is failed please select “Auto mode (Inverse)” or “Extreme Auto mode”
If you are Lucky the method will work nicely 
If you want to undo the change tap “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.
How to Custom Patch:

Tab on the name of your application/ software and select “Custom Patche”
Check the internet access and run the application
If you are Lucky the method will work 
If you want to undo the change tap “Remove ODEX with Changes” or “Restore”.
How to Change permission: 

Tab on the name of your application/ software and select “Change Permission”
Tap the name of the application/Software and select “Change Permissions”
Tap to Permission for disable (red)
Tap to Permission for enable (green)
You must tap Apply (Reboot).
Modify the APK:

Tab on the name of your application/ software and select “Change Permission”
Check the internet access and Select “Create Modified APK”
Select Patch for Modification of APK
This will be in folder /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified/ 
You will get a new modified apk file. 

Some of Popular Game you can Modify:
Hill Climb Racing:
Hill Climb is most addictive game. Different stages will make your journey more
attractive. Bill Newton is the rider who is committed to conquered the highest hills up on the moon.
Different cars and others amazing features will make your journey interesting.
1. Lots of vehicles (Bike, Truck, Jeep, tank and car also) with unique upgrades
2. Upgrading different parts like engine, suspension, tires and 4WD
3. Multiple stages like countryside, Desert, Arctic, Moon and many more every day update they are
including new features.
4. Social share makes this game more addictive. You can share your score into different social
network like Facebook and Twitter.
5. Resolution Customization makes more popular. Android users are able to customize the screen
resolutions for there phone. When you need lower resolution, you can customize it to lower and
when you need to make it higher resolution you can configure it to higher.
Instructions for playing:
There two button one is gas and another is for break. Gas will forward the car and break will back. On
road there are lot of gold coins and fuel bottle gamer need to collect the coin and fuel for keep car
And if you want to buy coins and gems for your game you can buy them with lucky patcher
Temple Run 2:
Temple Run 2 is one of highest downloading game. More than billions of downloading makes this game
top popular. This game is developed and designed by Imangi Studios. It is a sequel of temple run game.
First game was temple run and then the developer team develop the temple run2 with some of extra
feature and they regularly develop the temple run 2. Temple run2 do update regular and it was
developed for different platform. For IOS, Android, Windows Phone, windows 10 PC and also Tizen this
game is developed.
Single play game- Temple Run2 is the single playing game. Multiple Characters will make you more
interested and addicted on that game. Frozen Shadows, Blazing Sands, Lost Jungle, Pirate Cove,
Christmas and many more maps are developed in every season.
How To play?
Very Simple game just need to swipe for playing this game. For jumping swipe to up and swipe down for
getting lower run. Swipe left for left move and swipe right for right move. User need to touch coin for
earning money for the game.
Shield: Shield for power up it will protect you from hazards like Flames, spinning spike wheel, stone
blocks and wooden beam.
Boost: It will boost your speed no hazards could stope you when you are in boots.
Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense
This is one of amazing game. IT is one of tower defending game. Evils will come to attack you and you have to defend your sheep and have to kill aliens. You will get updated weapons and awesome graphics.
Some of awesome features
1.    70 exciting maps to master
2.    7 campaigns on varying environments, each with unique gameplay challenges.
3.    9 powerful towers, including rail gun, missile launcher, plasma gun, stun gun. The ultimate
4.    TD arsenal!
5.    16 different alien enemies with unique abilities and weaknesses.
6.    Xen the shopkeeper offers you special deals on the latest alien weapon technology
7.    Play unique Google Play Quests
8.    Cloud Saved Games with Google Play. Save your towers and progress, restore it on other devices.
9.    Compete with your friends to see who has the fastest time on the leaderboards! Who has the most skill placing towers?
10.  Game Controllers! Play the game with a gamepad for a console like tower defense gaming experience.
After getting points you will get option for update your weapons. Advance motion will make you addictive for playing this game.
If you are playing this game but need coins and gems for free lucky patcher can help you. You will be able to buy coins and gems for free. Lucky patcher able to hack this game. Just install lucky patcher APK and get unlimited coins and gems.

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