A to Z about KIngo Root and top 5 Apps for Rooted Device

Kingo Root

What is Kingo Root?

Kingo Root is one of top rated and popular android rooting app. With This app you can root your Phone without any technical or programming knowledge. Just install the app and connect your phone with internet, app will root your phone automatically. You can call it single click rooting app.

Kingo Root is available for different version of Android device:


Jelly Bean (4.1.2), Jelly Bean (4.2.2), Kitkat (4.4.2, 4.4.4), Lollipop (5.0.1, 5.1, 5.1.1),
Marshmallow (6.0, 6.0.1), Nougat (7.0, 7.1), Oreo (8.0, 8.1)
Available for manufacturer:
LG, HTC, ZTE, VIVO, OPPO, Huawei, Lenovo, Alcatel, Samsung, Micromax

Benefit for using kingo Root:

1. This app is 100% free
2. It is more faster and easier comparatively others method
3. This app has Different versions for different android version
4. Advance strong developer team
5. Single click root
6. Different versions for android and windows

Jelly Bean (4.1.2), Jelly Bean (4.2.2), Kitkat (4.4.2, 4.4.4), Lollipop (5.0.1, 5.1, 5.1.1), Marshmallow (6.0, 6.0.1), Nougat (7.0, 7.1), Oreo (8.0, 8.1)

Available for manufacturer:


LG, HTC, ZTE, VIVO, OPPO, Huawei, Lenovo, Alcatel, Samsung, Micromax

How to use kingo Super root for windows

1.      This software is 100% free, you can download this software for free
2.      Just install the software, after finishing installation launch the software in your pc
3.      Please make connection with your mobile via USB cable
4.      Make sure "USB Debugging" is enabled in "Developer Options"
5.      Just Click "ROOT" and it will start rooting.
6.      It will take time for rooting
7.      You will get the message, if it is Succeed or Failed

how to use kingo super root for android?

1.      Just download the kingo root apk for your desire android phone, it is completely free for download
2.      Install it
3.      Run the kingo Root with internet connection
4.      App will check system requirements and necessary files downloadingwill be started
5.      After all of necessary file downloading, it will start for rooting
6.      After sometime it will finish its work
7.      If kingo root will besucceed you will get the message, else you will get the failed message.
Rooting Phone has lot of advantage and also little bit some disadvantage too.
1.      Warranty voids
2.      Bricking
3.      Poor performance
4.      Viruses

Warranty voids:

After rooting your device warranty will no more valid. You will lose your device warranty,when you willroot android device. Because rooted Device can access kernel directly. And Rooted device overcome the limitations of using phone. Rooting can harm device, so company don’t allow to do root.


It has a chance to brick your mobile phone during rooting. Sometimes device can be permanently damage. Bricking is a very common issue during rooting time. If you get brickfor rooting android, it is your bad luck.

Poor Performance:

Rooted Device can improve your mobile performance but sometime it happens reverse. Your favorite android device can perform lower than previous status. Sometime device starting lagging after rooting.


Rooted device getting more attack then non-rooted device. If any hacking tool has the root access for your device, that apps can do anything into your mobile. That can access any file and featureof your device. That is a highest risk factor for your android device.


1.      Running special apps
2.      Removing pre-installing apps
3.      Freeing up memory
4.      Custom rom

Using Special Apps:

If your android device is rooted you can install and use some special apps like super user, titanium backup, xposed Module and many more. If your device is rooted, remember it is completely yours, andyou can arrange or rearrange it by yourself.

Removing pre-installing Apps:

if you have root access,you can uninstall system installed android apps. If you are not using google hangouts and many more android apps what was as pre-installed and you need to uninstall them. You will be able to uninstall those apps if you are rooted. You will get the root access of your rom and you can do anything.

Freeing up Memory:

You can make free your ram and rom,if you have root access. When you are uninstalling any apps, you are freeing ROM and when you are killing background unwanted apps you are freeing Ram. Those process will increase your device performance. 

Custom Rom:

In aRooted device advance level user can change their default rom, and install a new custom rom. Custom rom can improve your device performance, it is capable to give you a better experience from your previous test.
After doing Root by Kingo Root, we did test those apps.

Titanium Backup -

This app is the most powerful and popular apps for backup apps and uninstall system apps from the rom. You can remove them permanently from your ROM. This app is Only for rooted android users. As a backup tools it can backup system apps and also user apps with related data. With root access titanium backup can uninstall the system apps from system partition and taking a backup for your future use. Titanium Backup is able to take full backup and able to restore full rom with few of some clicks. And after rooting your device with Kingo root you will able to install Titanium Backup and get full feature according to titanium Offer.


Greenify is that apps which is able to hibernate any apps how is draining RAM, Battery and many more. This app will keep your device same smooth like new mobile phone. It will increase your battery lifetime and performance. It works in rooted and non-rooted with its own features. When greenify will hibernate your background apps it will boost your battery life. Battery life a very common problem for android users, this app will increase your battery life. Android Operating System do drain a lot of battery for unnecessary. On other hand greenify is saving battery and giving you a better battery performance.

Root Explorer –

This is the most powerful and lot of functional file manager. Root explorercan access the root directory of your device. This app can access into system folder and also SD card folder. This app will give you access to root folder and system. On Other hand it is an advanced file manager. By using root explorer, you will get the full control. You will be able to copy, paste, delete, create shortcuts with this app. This app support Google Drive, DropBox, and Other Cloud Services. 

Root Browser

It is one of popular File manager. This file manager has advanced technologies. Another Ultimate File Manager for Rooted Android device. This app can access any directory and capable to delete, copy, paste, move and many more. This App is free for android users. This app developers are ready to help you for paying just only $0.99. You have to purchase this app for less than $1, if you want a support from Developer team.

System App Remover –

This is a useful tool to uninstall the BloatWaressystem apps. For removing bloatwares and also other system application “system app remover” is more popular. For increasing system support we need to uninstall system app, this app will help you by uninstalling system app. This app will suggest user to uninstall removable apps. What kind of application should uninstall? and what kind of should not uninstall?that app will suggest users. If user want to move apps from system rom to SD card this app is the best option.

Notes for users:

Before using Kingo Root, you should know the terms and conditions.Kingo Root company asking for agreement about all of their terms and conditions. If any user doesn’t agree with them, he or she don’t need to use this app. Before using this app, user need to be agreed with kingo root apps owner company.And user will be fully responsible for any damagesafter using this app.


1 "Kingo Android Root" is a popular android rooting tool, this app is for rooting android device without PC or with PC.
2 “Kingo Root APK” is developed byKingo Root R&D Team, they have different rooting technic for rooting different devices. So different app version anddifferent environment needs for different devices.
3 Kingo Root needs more than 20% battery charge and more than 2MB of mobile space for working properly. We will suggest you to keep 1 GB space and 80% plus battery charge.


1 Rooting may lose data from ROM. We recommend users for taking a backup before rooting android. Your important data like contact, SMS, Call Logs and many more personalized data. For any losses of your data Kingo Root App R&D team is not responsible. But normally data never loss. 
2 Rooting devices is violation of Device warranty, if you do root your device your device warranty will be gone. So, it is your risk to Root and losing Warranty. But You can unroot your device at any time.    
3 When you will get the root privileges, it has a very small chance to lost data from SD card. We recommend kingo root users to backup SD card data and rooting with a new or Blank SD Card.


1 After rooting you will get permission to access system file, it has advantage and disadvantage too. When you need to uninstall app or removing data form system folder, you need root access. And on other hand if malware instruct anything to system malware also need root access, in this case user need to be more careful about giving permissions. Be careful before giving access to any apps.
2 After rooting, users can modify system files, delete, move, copy, etc. All these operations will change user experience with a great feeling. For system modification root access is only one way to go forward.
3 After getting root access you can delete pre-installed program applications and many more, there you can modify the device with your own hand. You can personalize your device with your own choice. If user mistakenly delete any important file from system it may create systems instability, and the program can behave abnormal or sometimes it’s can crash.
4 After user getting root permissions. If the user authorizes to some unknown programs with root privileges, all phone user privet information may leak.And the result may in a high security risk.
5 After getting root access your device will lose all security protection, sometimes it can cause malware or virous attack. That is totally harmful for your device. Security level will be decrease and sometimes there will be no security. 


1 For removing root privilege, some of apps what needs root access for running properly will not work perfectly. And some little bit problems can be happening in root privileged apps. 
2 Removing root privileges will cause some system failures and services will not work correctly due to the operations after rooting.
3 Removing root privileges may not return your device guarantee, sometimes guarantee can return. It depends on your Luck.


1 When users are using “Kingo Android Root APK” user have to take all the responsibilities for any risk and security problems. For any kind of damaging and losing data KIngo Root App is not responsible and R&D team will not get any responsibility for using KIngo Root. Kingowill not be liable for any consequential, incidental, direct, indirect, special, or other damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, or other pecuniary losses.
2 Kingo Root is not providing guarantee for rooting any devices. It cannot work for all Android OS Version or all mobile device. If there any comparable program and calibration problem with Kingo Root and your devices, please do work with your own risk. Kingo Root R&D team always ready to response in Facebook, Twitter and feedback and log.txt file. Their Supporting team always with those media. Just ping them and ask about your query. Test for rooting capability check will not provide you guarantee for rooting your device.
3 Kingo Team will assume no responsibility for telecommunication system or network failure, computer crash, Internet, mobile phone failure, or a virus problem, data damage or loss of information, computer systems or any other force major causes any losses.

How to Download Kingo Root?

You Can download Kingo Root From our official website. We are uploading the official released android apps and checking malware. This apps is malware free but for using unauthorised access this app can be marked as malware app but no need to be worry, it is risk free.

Download Kingo Root

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